Managed I.T. Support and Technology Services

TechCore is a collaboration of industry professionals who were brought together by one common bond, work ethic. All employees of TechCore share a passion for technology and strive to integrate technology to meet the needs of their clients to provide what we call “Client Centric Solutions”. Our team of innovative, knowledgeable and dependable staff are strongly encouraged to play Devil’s Advocate when creating custom solutions for our clients. It is often stated, and even posted in our offices that we provide our clients solutions and NOT products.

With more than a decade of experience providing support to a variety of industries within the greater Las Vegas and surrounding markets, TechCore is confident we can assist you in making smart, well planned and cost effective decisions for all of your technology needs.

We consider your satisfaction to be an honest measure of our performance.

ClientCentric Solutions

Our mission is to build personal and professional relationships with the clients we serve while integrating modern technologies with custom solutions to exceed client expectations in the present and planning for their future